Ramadan Glorious Glow


Written by: Farouk Oyekunle

As the crescent moon appears, a sacred month begins anew,
A time for hearts to cleanse, and for souls to renew,
A time of prayer, of peace and of love,
A time to seek immense blessings from above.

The dawn breaks, and the fast begins,
No food, no drink, no sinful deeds within,
The hunger and thirst, a test of our will,
A sacrifice for Allah, a duty to fulfill.

Day by day, the sun sets and dims,
Beckoning the evening prayer, and the iftar’s hymns.
Meals shared with family and friends, moments so endearing!
Praises for Allah’s mercy as our spirits nourish.

Taraweeh prayers give a beautiful sight,
Of reverence to the divine in unison’s light.
With recitation of Qura’n, the hearts take flight.
Mosques filled with the faithful, enclosing mankind with the Lord.
An atmosphere of devotion, and spiritual connection!

The nights of Ramadan, so serene and pure.
A time for worship, for dua, and total submission,
A time to seek Allah’s forgiveness, and guided to lightened paths,
A time to cleanse our souls, to see sins take flight.

The last ten nights, the best ten days!
Comprising the Lailatul Qadr, where light shines,
The night of destiny and power, so full of might
A night God says to affairs, ‘Be!,’ and it is, in sight.

And as the month ends, celebration and reflection blend,
Then comes Eid al-Fitr, a day of joyful trend,
A day to feast, to give, to share
A time to show gratitude for the month’s blessings.

Ramadan’s glorious glow, a reminder so clear,
Of Allah’s law, love, and of blessings so near.
A month that calls man to worship, sacrifice, and humbly pray,
And to tread God’s path and never go astray, again!