Poem: A World in a Nonviolence state


Rush of memories of a violent past
Engulfed by sadness, my heart weeps
Peace overwhelmed, Serenity now vanished
Mankind keep yowling in demand
Of a nonviolence world indeed

Humankind lulled and departed deeply in crises
Weak minded of their ruining globe
Killing and devastating all around
Hope of peace keep melting
Indeed, a ceaseless pother it is

What led to this suffering?
Why is the world menaced?
Cause mankind neglected goodness
Wandering we are in villainy
Let’s arise and engage in virtues

Hey! Our abode is going off
Death of children, dearth of peace
Presence darkening, future scourging
Let’s not look and observe this plight
Let’s strive hard to make things right

To make a Pacific world
Free from violence of any sort
Where goodness makes the watchword
And evil is shunned and abhorred
Embrace peace, think of Islam

Written by: Olanrewaju Abdul Qadir