Poem: Luminous Pathway


By: Muhammad Raqeeb

Walking alone with fears in the dark,
Stamping on irritating remnant,
And drenched with numerous thoughts on ways,
To be out of the repulsive state.

Determined to strike against unpleasant wishes with firm thoughts,
On seeing a luminous pathway ahead.
In a jiffy, ignorance deserts the heart,
Indicating nearness to the Divine.

Indeed, the Divine created this luminous path with excellent love,
As pure souls on the path welcomed me with sincere love;
And refined my stinky soul,
By presenting luminous water to rinse my soul.

Now, devilish ideas distanced from my purified soul,
As the luminous path draws me near the Divine and inner peace.
Indeed, this is the only society with luminous house,
Because its residents dwell in Divine rules and calmness.