Be Good and Do Good
Be Good and Do Good

“Before you say something, you should think over it well and try to understand what the consequence of saying that thing is going to be. You should also be sure whether Islam permits you to say that or not. Unless you have thought over in this vein you should not say anything. It is better to keep silent if the talk has to create disorder.

“But this also does not behove a Believer that he should hesitate to tell the truth. He should not mind the taunts of the people nor should he fear anyone to tell the truth, or to bear a witness in favour of the truth.

“Look at the Holy prophet, sallallaho alaihi wa sallam. When he claimed to be a prophet, everybody began to oppose him but he did not mind the opposition even for a moment. So much so that when the people pressed his uncle Abu Talib and he talked to him (the Prophet) about this matter, the Holy Prophet, sallallaho alaihi wa sallam, told him point blank that he would not desist from preaching what he thought was true whether he would side with him or not.

“Just as it is vitally important that one should not say anything that is displeasing to God, so also it is essential that one must talk when it comes to telling the truth. Ya’moroona bil ma’roof wa yanhauna anilmunkar (i.e. they tell others to do good and not to do evil deeds). This is what behoves Believers. Before one tells others to do good and to shun evil, it is vitally important that one should himself be doing good and avoiding evil; he should display his power to do good so that he can influence others as he likes.

“You should take note of it that the tongue must never be checked from telling others to do good and to avoid evil. Of course, one must take note of the appropriate occasion and one must talk in a very nice manner i.e. one must talk in kind and simple words that can be easily understood. It should be noted that it is a great sin to talk against Taqwa.”

[Malfoozat Vol. 1, p. 404]

Courtesy: MKAN-Tarbiyya Department


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