The Black Hole and The Manifestation of The White Whole

The Black hole and Manifestation of The White Whole
The Black hole and Manifestation of The White Whole
By :Abul Nuraini Is’haq ibn Habeebullah


Ask the nearest person to you to stand up and stand still. Can you see him/her moving? Take a careful look again. Right now, perhaps to you, he is stationary, but the fact is, he is moving. The universe is like a Roller Coaster. The person on it is seated or standing, perhaps, firmly holding on to something, but the wheel is moving. The universe and all the beings (used here in theological context) including the mighty mountain, being in constant motion is a scientific “fact” which had already been revealed in the Holy Quran (Quran 27:89).

The powerful radiation of light and the inward gravitational pull of darkness seem to be the major factors for this constant movement. That is to say, the universe, including human, is moving and expanding as a result of radiation of light and at the same time, it is being pulled into darkness, into nothingness, into what is referred to as the Black Hole. 1

Black Hole

Mankind is created in the best of creative plan (Quran, 95:5). You are to be the true reflection of the greatest Light of all. You are to glorify Allah and fill the earth with His Light. Isa (as) said: “You are the light of the world. … let your light so shine before men… (Mathew 5:14-16).

Unfortunately, the propensity to be pulled into evil, or to fall into darkness and into nothingness seems also to be a natural state of human (Quran, 95:6). This detestable condition is further described in the following verses:

By the testimony of time, surely man is in a state of loss. (Quran, 103:2-3). For he is constantly propel into darkness (Quran, 12:54).

This inward pulling into darkness and nothingness has been foreseen and foretold by the Angels also:

They said to Allah, ‘Human are being who cause disorder in the earth, and shed blood. But we glorify You with Your praise and extol Your holiness’ (Quran, 2:31).

Man and angels are not the same. Angels have a single nature; they have no option in their way of life, but man does. Man has a dual nature: to follow Allah’s guidance or to deviate from it. In most cases, even after the guidance has come to him, he seems to deviate (19:60). Hence, shortly (one indeed cannot define this ‘shortly’)2 after the creation  of different sections of the world at different periods, like the phenomena of the eclipse, experienced partial black out and some fall into total darkness. Different parts of the world, at different period, were pulled into darkness. The immensity of this inward gravitational pull and the expansion of its margin were increasing with the passage of time. By the 7th century after Christ, nearly the whole world of men had already been pulled into total darkness and chaos. The Holy Quran says:

Corruption has appeared on land and sea because of what men’s hands have wrought… (30:42)

In the book titled, “Spirit of Islam”, it is stated that the scholars of History testified to the truth expressed in following verse of the Quran:

“The beginning of the seventh century was an epoch of disintegration – national and social – and religion had become extinct as a moral force and had become reduced to mere ritual and ceremony and the great Faiths of the world had ceased to exert any healthy influence on the lives of their followers. The Holy flames kindled by Zoroaster, Moses and Jesus had been quenched in the blood of man……………….. Incessant war for supremacy, perpetual internecine strife, combined with the ceaseless wrangling of creeds and sects, had sucked the life-blood out of the hearts of nations, and people of the earth, trodden under the iron heels of lifeless sacerdotalism, were crying to God to deliver them from the misdeeds of their masters. Never in the History of the world was the need so great, the time so ripe for the appearance of a Deliverer.”3


Mankind is the central being in the universe; nearly everything revolves and exists for his sake. If he is left to remain in darkness and nothingness, every other thing and being would be pulled with him and eventually the universe will cease to exist. The Holy Quran says:

“And if Allah were to punish people for what they do, He would not leave a living creature on the surface of the earth; but He grants them respite until an appointed term; and when their appointed time comes, beware that Allah is fully aware of His servants – the mankind” (35:46).

The Creator has appointed time for the universe and it has to reach that appointed time. For the universe to continue to exist till its appointed term, mankind needs to be saved. There should be light, a powerful light to dispel darkness. Therefore, this period of total darkness requires the appearance of a full, bright, radiant light. Spots of light at different period and different places in the world appeared, but they could not last that long. In fact, more than 124,000 Spots of Light appeared at different period to lighten the path for mankind and to announce the appearance of White Whole.4

The White Whole indeed appeared as prophesied in different scriptures, as well as in the Holy Quran:

O Prophet, truly We have sent you as … a Radiant Lamp (Quran, 33:46-7)

There has come to you indeed from Allah a Light and a clear Book. Thereby does Allah guide on the paths of peace, and leads them out of every kind of darkness into light by His will, and guides them to the right path (Quran, 5: 16-17)

The White Whole is Muhammad (20:2). Muhammad is described as a Radiant Lamp, which dispels all kinds of darkness; illuminates the path to peace, guides to the right path and takes people away from every form of darkness. Indeed, his light shone at all levels, filled the material, intermediate, and spiritual worlds. It dispelled the darkness of ignorance, comforted mankind and radiated moral, spiritual as well as intellectual light. The Holy Founder of Ahmadiyya said:5

“O the Sun of the Kingdom of Beauty and Grace!

You have illuminated the deserts as well as the cities.”

New life was breathed into the dead (8:24). “Hundreds of thousands of the dead became alive within a few days, and those who had been corrupted through generations took on Divine colour; the blind began to see, and the tongues of the dumb began to flow with divine wisdom, such a revolution took place in the world as no eye had seen and no ear had heard of before”6

The people who discovered and accepted this White Whole became stars. Radiated with this Light, they moved into the world, radiating both spiritual and secular light. They laid the foundation for the world’s greatest civilization that we are so proud of. This is testified to by many including Mark Graham, who, as quoted by Zia (2011) in “How Islam Created the Modern World”, commented that:

“Truth, unlike myth, is frequently what we do not want to hear. And perhaps the most heretical thing to say is that Europe ever had anything to learn from Islam. But learn it did, sitting at the foot of its Muslim teachers for half a millennium. Far from being incubators or preservers, Muslims were all the things those textbooks deny them being: artists, poets, philosophers, mathematicians, chemists, astronomers, physicists. In short, they were civilized at a time when Europe was wallowing in barbarism. Muslim civilization was the greatest in size and technology that the world had ever seen. And far from existing in a vacuum, it directly impinged on the creation of Europe as a cultural entity and as a scientific and political power. As much as some are loathe to admit it, the Islamic world is the giant on whose shoulders the European Renaissance stood.7

Thus, the whole world was radiated with this light; spiritual as well as secular. Everywhere was lightening up, irrespective of the inhabitants of the place, irrespective of their creed or race. For the sun spread its hand without discrimination. The Light was so brighten that those who did not subscribe to the creed wished they were the first recipients (15:3)

Alas! The source of this light was to remain radiant for a while and then mud would be thrown at it. Of course, no one can extinguish it. But what do we see today? Everyone who has no cause to hide the truth, everyone who can discriminate between good and evil, will admit that intellectually as well as spiritually, in belief as well as in action, people have strayed far from brilliant light of that Radiant Lamp; far from that White Whole. The great name of the Muslims is gone. Science and intellect, once their handmaids and constant companions, seem like strangers to them. Their economic enterprise has ended. They remain poor, far behind others in economic prosperity. Moral grace, once their birth right, now seems remote. They have money and means for all their needs but not for the defence and dissemination of Islam. They have time for scandal-mongering, for gossip and for the entertainment of friends, but not for learning or teaching Islam or observing prayer at the appointed time. Muslim mystics have also degenerated. They have converted religion into irreligion and religious law into lawlessness. They promote disaffection and mutual hostility. The ruling classes among the Muslims are corrupt. Exploiting the poor and ignorant is their daily business. The opportunity to rule is for them an opportunity to dominate and dictate. Muslim kings revel in the pursuit of pleasure instead of helping their subjects.8

On the other hand, those who once wished they were the first recipients, in spite of numerous benefits they received, deny any form of relationship with the Radiant Light. They claim to advance in modern science on their own, but are unfortunately also advancing into total destruction. On a daily basis, they find a way to deny the existence of the Divine and reject His wonders. They make jest of the messengers and throw mud at the Radiant Lamp. Rejection of life to come is dominating. Religious values have become redundant. Crime is rampant; truth is disappearing fast; equity and the deliverance of justice are on the verge of extinction; social responsibilities are being ignored or performed with condition; disloyalty, dishonesty, selfish interest and selfish individualism is gaining strength. They claim to spread peace but invent different form of devastating weapons and on daily basis make provocational speeches. The world today has become as described in the Quran:

O my Lord, my people indeed treated the Quran as a thing abandoned. (Quran, 25:31)

Do you really still believe, at this period, humanity is not in need of a true guide to lead us back to that Radiant Lamp? Though, some may verbally deny the need for him but their nature belies their speech. Today, we have invented so many days in disguise to remind one another of our basic need. We have named various days to be observed and give mere speeches as follow: International Day for Tolerance (Nov 16), International Day of Nonviolence and Peace Day (Jan, 30), International Freedom Day (Jan 23), World Day of Social Justice (Feb 23), International Women’s Day (March 8), International Day of Happiness (March 20), International Day of Charity (Sept 5), World Day for International Justice (July 17), World Science Day for Peace and Development (Nov, 10). This day and that day, and soon all the months or days of the year would be named for one thing or another.

The fact is: these are all mere words in following the footsteps of our predecessors. Months were promulgated for them as sacred to learn to avoid bloodshed and respect one another. But they went to the extent of postponing sacred months to satisfy their selfish desires (Quran 9:37). As a result, their conditions became deteriorated. The only true saviour is falling into the White Whole. So the world, today, may also go on preaching and celebrating numbers of days, establishing different union, organization or leagues, but the only true saviour is to hold on tightly to the true Guide onto the White Whole.

Alhamdu lillahi bi ni’imatihi tatimus-saalihaat. As members of Ahmadiyya Muslims community we have found this true guide who has been enlightening our path in our journey to be merged with the White Whole, move far from Black Hole and become the stars with which others see in the darkness of the night. How I wish you joined him in this journey of salvation to save humanity from destruction!

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Written By: Abul Nuraini Is’haq ibn Habeebullah


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