Epoch of Divine Blessings


© Abdul Quadri Olanrewaju

In a dusky state
Comes a crescent that lightens the night
Beckoning the Holy month to start
A period of favor, an era of grace
Where vices are refrained and virtues are enjoined

A Sacred month that inspire goodness
An atmosphere enriched with uplifts and mercies.
Days get sweetened with gentle wind
And nights get freshened with peaceful rains
A period everything becomes favorable
Divine boons then become immeasurable

Here comes the Holy month
Where from food we take avoidance
And from vices we exercise abstinence
For nothing but to gain the pleasure of God
And to make nearness to Allah assured

Hey brethren, in virtues you must act fast
For Ramadan is not only of missing breakfast
But striving vigorously to stay steadfast.
Engage in goodness as you fast
Surely in that are rewards that are good and vast

For our souls to be so cleansed and blessed in this epoch
It’s a must to act righteously and do good
It’s time to spend on alms more than ever before,
To make Al-Quran a dear friend and attain its light
Cherish this opportunity to revive your soul
Pray for your soul, pray for world peace

For this may be your last and it may not
Strive with speed for the evening draws nigh
Whatever you want to tender before your Lord, do it well
Be not of the losers of this grand grace
But be among the righteous for now and forever!

© Abdul Quadri Olanrewaju