God is the Protector
God is the Protector

“I very strongly believe that God does not let the righteous servant of His go waste. If such a person is thrown into the fire as was done to Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) the fire cannot burn him; I believe that not only one fire, even if there be a thousand fires they cannot burn him. If a truthful person is thrown into it, he will definitely be saved.

“If the opponents of the Task that has been assigned to me throw me into the fire, I am full of certainty that the fire will not be able to burn me: if I am thrown into the cage of lions, they will not be able to devour me. I tell you with confidence that our God is not the God who should not be able to help His truthful servant; rather our God is that powerful God who creates a distinction between His servants and their opponents. Had that not been the case, prayer would have been something meaningless. I tell you the truth that whatever I say about God, His powers are tens of millions of times more than that.”

[Malfoozat Vol. III, p.290]

Courtesy: MKAN-Tarbiyya Department


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