Heartfelt Condolence

Condolence to Mubi
Condolence to Mubi

Our heartfelt condolence goes to the people of Mubi in Adamawa State following the dastardly suicide attack in that killed over 50 innocent and harmless worshippers in a mosque on Tuesday 21/11/2017.

It is instructive to note that Islam is a religion of peace and unequivocally promotes tolerance, freedom of religion and absolute respect and safeguard human lives.

It is therefore surprising that rather than protect the lives of innocent people, some disgruntled elements in the society would go ahead to treacherously terminate sacred human lives on the alter of selfish political interest wrapped in the garb of honouring a prophet and a religion that preaches nothing but peace.

In the same spirit of the teaching of Islam, we humbly call on the government to set the right machinery in motion to unravel the perpetrators of this sheer wickedness and bring them to justice.


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