By Odusanya AbdulBāsit Olasunkanmi

In practice is hunting
Pervaded with kinds of huntsmen and huntswomen
Raiding for gains and preys
Suitable for their consumption.

How behooveful the grounds are!
‘Cos of their beams; of light and energy
That keeps shining and radiating in lives of huntsmen and huntswomen,
…But not in all!
Few seem to be lagging.

Having no ability and skills to hunt
Unable to strike down preys and kill
Naught to consume despite all gains and preys
Forgotten that the grounds give no room for LAX.
Having education for services as a harbor!

Stretching out hands of facts and ideas
To be acquired formally and informally
Varying expositions as media
On these grounds, One is modified…
Better or higher than average.

The grounds digs the huntsmen and huntswomen in rooms,
…Dig the rooms in exchange
Autem couple for several months.
Till time they part.
Triumph for the solemn ones and defeat for the frivolous.

Odusanya AbdulBāsit Olasunkanmi is a missionary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of Nigeria. He graduated from Jamiatul Mubashireen Nigeria in 2012. He is also a graduate of B.A. (Edu.) Yoruba, in 2019. A member of the Majlis Ansar Sultan Qalam Nigeria (Muslim Writers’ Guild of Nigeria), AbdulBāsit is a keen poet, writer, counselor and career guide.