Hijab: The Need of Our Time


When human affairs was governed with hijab
The world knew morality
The world knew peace.
Now reverse is the case
Our norm are of immorality
Modesty turned to a thing of past
Mankind lulled and fully engaged in odds
Indeed, a filthy state it is

Our women walk and dress Immodestly
Our men gaze and act indecently
Tagging hijab we are only as a piece of cloth
A piece we’ve even turned chic and vile.
We worry for dearth of virtues
And hurry to engage in vices
We openly detest immodesty
But cherish and adore it in secret

Mankind clamoring for its penalty
Yelling in demand for justice for sister vices
And absconding from upholding morality.
Our homes are wanting of good morals
We’ve made vices cherishable like virtues
We cater not for proper upbringing and parenting
Mindlessly we’ve scourged our society!

To lighten the world with morality
It starts from practicing and preaching honesty
Then nurturing all forms of goodness.
For functional homes lead to proper society.
It’s time to instill etiquettes to the next younger generation
To teach and train men and women with all rights
And be a model in terms of modesty
For it’s never enough to call for punishment for these vices
It matters a lot to strive and stand by all rightness.

Hey! Hijab in Islam is not only of appearance
But of thoughts, of looks, of expression
Of talks, of walks, of profession, of purity
Of morality, of modesty, of proper upbringing
For modesty is an all round good
Morality is the pathway to success
With chastity, the darkened world will become lightened!

Written by: AbdulQuadri Olanrewaju