In Memory of the Nine Elders of Burkina Fasso


Muhammad Qasim Oyekola

They wish to dry off the stream that flows through our heart;
‘tis their desire to uproot our tap from the earth.
Never do they know that we have pledged to nurse our faith till death;
No matter the effort anybody exerts on this mother earth.
We are the ones who do not fear to have our bodies buried in the earth;
Even if our blood is shed under any fiat.
We are the Muhammadi community that have been established in the earth;
We care less for the actions of the wicked kingdoms and empires of this earth;
No matter what they do, even if their heads, rather than legs, walk in the earth.
Behind the Khalifah we shall continue to file on the earth;
For Khilafat is the spirit that nourishes our souls for the earth.
The martyrs of Burkina Faso were fortunate to have faced the test of their faith;
Glad tidings to the Nine Elders of Burkinabe from the earth;
The Khalifah of Allah has mentioned them having the mark of excellence on the earth.
As they all remain alive in the mother earth;
May their progenies be covered with the blessings of their faith.
As long as we remain in the earth;
Their memories shall linger in our hearts.