In the Name of Faith: A Tribute to the Martyred Ahmadis of Burkina Faso


In Burkina Faso, a land of peace,
Where men and women of faith should feel free,
A group of Ahmadis lost their lives,
For nothing more than their beliefs.

They were tortured, humiliated,
Their bodies left alone to bleed,
Their killers knew not what they did,
But their faith, they wouldn’t let recede.

In every land, in every place,
This kind of hate should have no space,
But still it persists, still it grows,
Leaving loved ones with unhealed woes

We stand in solidarity, hand in hand,
To pray against this hateful band,
For only in Allah, we’ll find,
The strength to make hatred end.

May the souls of these martyrs rest in peace,
And may their memories never cease,
To be a reminder of the work yet to be done,
Towards a world where faith is never undone.

Haneef Olalekan, Oladejo.