International Women’s Day


Adorable Angels on Earth
Charming, Gratifying and Ravishing crystals
Admirable souls, divine creation of God
Lovesome beings, radiating with rays of happiness and peace
Distinguished with supportive, caring, and nurturing traits

Heroes wearing hijabs
Models, teaching and guiding the future generation
Agents of societal reformation and revolution
Comforting with relief during difficulties, solace during griefs, and cheers during anxieties
Liberated by Muhammad, to lighten the world

For women’s status in Islam is same like that of man
The rights men have, the same they have
Enjoined to do good and shun all evils
To weave the tapestry of goodness and morality
To take their role in a making a peaceful abode

For the Quran enjoins women to be decent in their ways and acts
To lighten the world with sincerity and modesty
To strike not their feets and veil their beauty.
Urging Mothers to be examplars to their wards
Protecting girls from the evils of the society
Hey woman! Heed to the call of God

Written by: Abdulquadri Olanrewaju