O ye whose heart yearns for the truth,
Come forth to behold the illustrious light that brightens my face
Many gatherings and conventions I have been
People revel in seeking pleasure other than God’s
Here comes one that will gladden your heart and elevate your soul;
Come forth to renew your faith; come forth to rejig your soul!

Glorious are the blessed days and the special nights,
Leading souls to real transformation and spiritual restoration
Harvesting abundance in the scale of goodness
Enriching their divine wisdom and flying high in the spiritual firmament
Attaining renewed faith to champion the cause of Islam
Heralding a new era of religious, social and political peace and harmony
Aye! These are the blessed days for breaking worldly encumbrance through divine remembrance

Away from the world full of sins and vices,
We seek refuge in a land reserved for Allah’s remembrance,
To swim in the ocean of divine love and grace,
To partake of spiritual elixir that cures immorality and spiritless spiritualism,
To infuse in our souls the spirit of holiness, leading to meekness and kindness in words and deeds.

We are the vanguards of spiritual rejuvenation
Not the peddlers of dissension and oppression
For everyone – men and women, young and old, near and distant, black and white – we seek salvation, not destruction
For we say and mean, “Love for all; hatred for none”
Hoisting the flag of our dear religion – Islam – as true champions of peace
We are no party to rebellion no matter the condition
We follow the path of Muhammad and the Promised Messiah
We gather in obedience under the banner of divine providence

The soul we nurture, the spirit we strengthen and the
body we nourish from the pot of the Promised Messiah
We voyage on the Ark of Salvation, sailing through the chaos of the ensnaring world
Filling our scales with virtues, casting away the robe of vices
The days are numbered, yet so immensely blessed
The convergence of thirsting souls with entreaties reaching the divine throne,
Here comes another opportunity for spiritual elevation and divine benediction
Blessed are those who attain inner purity through the
sanctity of the Conference; blessed are the participants of Jalsa Salana!


Written by:
1. Oladejo Haneef O.
2. Odunsanya Abdul Basit O.
3. Abdul Salam Abdul Rafeeq
4. Aliu Omolade Abd Rasheed
5. Olanrewaju Abdul Qadir