Jaunts of the 72 Virgins


By Oladejo Haneef O.

A step starts a journey of a thousand miles
It is a step even to walk half a mile away
Just the strikingness is needed, even if it is to fly away
From the grove where hearts and minds were laid
Uninformed, clinging fondly to saints of dissimulation
They appear like hills that hold the universe
But not to certification are they versed
At times in God’s ambience, and at other times at devil’s workshop
What’s with these virgins misrepresenting and mis-presenting the concept of quietude?
While they’re unaware of their ignorance, blindfolding their adherents
Against tasting a glance of realism
Conjuring uniquely against a unique form
Alluding many practices and concepts to the established
They abrogate, falsify, and tame
Any phenomenon that goes against them
Such against one true, uniquely formed community
That have chosen to be the best
Effecting the establishment of fourteen hundred years
Held unto heart by a set of people with one identity
Standing fondly to a rope that never breaks
Like a door that opens up to seven rooms
For each room offers eternal rest
This is the path a sane man would hold onto
For he would choose to be shining
Like a sun glowing all day and
Moon taking turns at night
And like stars shining bright
Sparklingly far away from the sky
Man would choose to run to as the oasis and be saved
From the devouring breezes of the desert
Choosing to follow the sacred words
That, like a balm, palliate the heart to rest in tranquility