Justice and Peaceful Coexistence

  1. I saw two people engage in fight,

Both claiming to be right,

Have they forgotten the words of the wise?

That two wrong does not make a right.


  1. If I wrote figure six somewhere,

And show it to someone elsewhere,

Figure nine might appear to him possibly,

The same number appears differently.


  1. This should make us understand something,

The fact that you are right on a particular thing,

Does not mean I am wrong on that same thing,

In fact we might mean the same thing,

But our mode of expression might be the cause of the misunderstanding.


  1. If you are the one who is right,

You do not need to fight,

You just need to prove your point,

And leave the other person as he rants.


  1. And if you are the one who is at fault,

You still do not need to fight,

All you need to do is apologize,

That is the behavior of the wise.


  1. The only justifiable fight you can have in the real sense,

Is when you fight for self-defense,

Or you fight in support of weak people,

Who have been cheated by powerful people.


  1. It is our pride,

That we fail to hide,

And our ego,

Is what we refuse to let go.


  1. It is an acknowledged fact,

That the concept of “might is right”,

And that of “survival of the fittest”,

Are in operation in our society.


  1. 9. This has caused an imbalance in the shift of power,
  1. The Holy Prophet (saw) of Islam said once,

That “He who has no sympathy for the younger ones,

And does not recognize the right of the older ones,

Cannot be called among the righteous ones.


  1. To those who abandoned relations with you, behave respectfully,

To those who hold back from you, give generously,

To those who wrong you, forgive quickly,

This is how to show you believe truly,

These are what the Prophet told his followers repeatedly.


  1. If this is expected from you,

To those who are cruel to you,

Now to those who are nice to you,

What do you think is expected of you?

You should show them more kindness than they showed you.


  1. The Holy Quran was not silent on this issue,

It commands that trust should be rendered back to whom they are due,

And when you want to judge between men duly,

You judge between them justly.


  1. We have to change our ways and start living in peace,

Where people will go through their daily exertion with ease,

And all religious and tribal fights will cease,

Then we will like each other with a friendly face.

Abdussalam Abdurrofeeq



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