Lisaanu Sidqin: True Reputation


I didn’t choose to be in the world,
It was decided and here I was.

Why am I who I am?
Why am I here and not there?

Why do I think the way I think?
Why do I act as I do?

Flurry of questions fill my pliable mind,
Emotions course through my tender heart.

The world I know is what I see, hear, and think,
It’s how I was, I am and will be.

I care about what THEY say and do,
Those whose inspiration is not from Allah.

Changed my ways to fit in, to not feel odd around them,
Matched their leanings to earn their respect and court their favours.

And became close to them and distant to myself,
My voice strange to me, my actions defy my values.

I watch people deride others through jeers and sneers,
And as peers throng along to rejoice with others in pomp and cheers.

Brothers malign kith and kin,
Sisters gossip in place of worship.

Labyrinth of lies etched in hearts,
Hearts that farm words that break many worlds.

What’s the worth of a smile adorned to beguile,
Or tasleem that’s only tongue-long, void of sincerity.

You have a choice to be kind or brute,
I know I could be callous or cute.

Act or not, you evolve as you involve and resolve,
By will and words, your character form.

All you do are chronicled by the unseen companions,
Impartial scribes with infallible memories and tireless pens.

The wishes in your heart and whispers in hush tone,
Seen by Al-Baseer and heard by As-Samee’ – naught missed, even a tidbit.

I long for a place and people I can call my own,
A safe space filled with Noor (Light) and Ikhlaas (sincerity).

Where brothers don’t bother and abandon others,
And sisters seize every moment to surpass others in mutual support.

A community where rancour is not record-high,
Where ties are not built upon lies.

Here, no immunity against the truth,
Rich or poor, close or distant – we are one.

A place where tongues are filled with Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah),
Neither with rumours nor with ridicule of others.

The tongues and the pledge they chanted,
The hearts and the truth they live by.

O Allah! Bless me with a community of people filled with your love,
Let us live as true servants of Al-Haqq (The Truth) in duress and success.

As Hazrat Ibrahim prayed, ‘My Lord, bestow wisdom on me and join me with the righteous’
And give me a true reputation among posterity.’

Abbas Agbaje
Chairman, MASQ-NG