“Nobody can do anything without the grace and help of God, but when a man is drawn towards Him and gets himself annihilated in His Being, he does the kind of things that can be called God’s work and then excellent lights begin to shine on him.

“So far as the weakness of the man is concerned, it is almost limitless. He cannot move even one step without the grace and the help of God. I am quite confident that if he is not helped by God, he cannot even tie his trousers after easing himself. The physicians say that there is a disease which kills the man through sneezing (i.e. the man sneezes and he is no more).

“The fact is that man is a collection of weaknesses and that is why God says: Kholiqal Insana dhaeefa i.e man has been created weak. There is nothing that lies in his hands. He has not got as many parts of his body as he has got diseases. He being a target of so many weaknesses, his security lies in nothing but in his being straightforward with his God. He should become His true and sincere servant and for this, he must adopt perfect truthfulness.

“Even the physical system depends upon truthfulness. Those who abandon it and make falsehood their shield are very much mistaken. It is quite possible that somebody may have temporary gain by telling lies but it is sure that it blackens the heart and he is eaten up from within as the white ants eat up things from within. One has to tell many lies to cover up one lie which has to be given a tinge of truth.

“Thus, his moral and spiritual talents are eroded from within and he reaches a stage where he begins to fabricate against God and belies His Messengers; he is then marked by God as an unjust person, as he says: Man Azlamo mimmaniftra alallhi Kaziban au Kazzaba bi-ayatihee i.e Who is more unjust than the person who fabricates lies against God.”

(Malfoozat Vol. 1, p. 352)


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