Muhammad The Great


The man of the hour
The King of peace
A star in the galaxy of goodness and greatness
The perfect man possessed with sublime light
Indeed he is the praised one, Muhammad!

Divinely enriched, spiritually endowed,
An epitome of virtues and morals,
A soul beautified with wonders and bright signs,
Outshining with sparkles which transcends all human attributes,
Best of all creations, sign of the Gracious God.

Personification of compassion,
Great defender of human rights,
Muhammad, the kindred to humanity.
A just Leader, liberator of women.
Exceedingly glorified with grand success.

The messenger of peace, the light of guidance,
Guiding mankind with Islam – a perfect way of life.
His excellent teachings radiate the whole universe.
Illuminating the deepest corners of darkness,
Lightening the world from all evils,

A teacher of morality, perfect exampler of humility,
Most endeared and wholly lost in God,
The chosen, wonderful and truthful one,
The model for the world leaders.
Muhammad- the messanger of Allah.

© Abdul Qadir Olanrewaju