Muhammad: The Man Who Transformed The Desert into Oasis

Calligraphy of the name of Prophet Muhammad in Hagia Sophia

Muhammad was he who gave hope to the unlettered 
That you started out life without schooling does not stop you from becoming a scholar later in life

Muhammad was he who never read a book until he turned 40
Yet, he received the revelations of the Most Noble Book

Muhammad was without his parents when he was growing
He was such that lived with gratitude under the roof of another

When he turned a man, he was gracious to his guardian
He showed examples to the ungrateful orphans who don’t value the care of their past guardian

Muhammad was he who loved and respected his wives
He never beat his wife nor make them face any hardships

Muhammad was he that lost his children and was survived by a female child
He never lamented the birth of female children to his household

Muhammad was he that showed clemency to the hypocrites and pardon to transgressors
It was difficult, yet he did so for the love of his Rabb

Muhammad was he who asked forgiveness for his offenders
He never raised curses on account of personal injury…his anger was always connected to God’s displeasure

Muhammad was he whose character changed the hearts of people around him
He never let other people’s character change him into what Allah does not approve of

Muhammad…a man of heavenly qualities and earthly beauties
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon my Muhammad, the seal of prophethood.

Written by: Abbas Agbaje