Poem: #NayaPakistan


This is a collection of poems on the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan.


Our dear country desolates us
By giving us the sole option to be in inflicted pains
Denying us of the essence of living
Cause we believe what she hates

The soil of our land thirsts for our blood
And oppression lulls our bruised emotions.
Our dear ones are butchered before our eyes
And their blood streams in woeful agony

Even with the blood spill
Our country is dear to us still
We’ll exercise our chill
And join them not to kill

My nation’s sweet dreams of independence, I brought to reality peacefully
Incessant violent killings have I been paid in return
With enmity law labelling me its second-class citizen
All this continues till date for my belief, my motto of “Love For All, Hatred For None”

5 A peaceful citizen of this country I am,
To her development, a lot have I contributed,
All these she ignored and for my faith I was punished,
My personal and religious houses she demolished.


1 Oladejo Haneef O
2 Apooyin Ridwānullah
3 Aliu AbdRasheed Omolade
4 Junaid O. Abubakre
5 Abdussalam Rofeeq


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