Poem: Nigeria at Independence


It’s an awful state
Ladened with crises and disorderliness
Endangered and full of odds
Fundamental human rights now disrupted
In this horrible condition
Nigeria marks her 58th independence

It’s a day worthy of celebration
For we still dwell as one Nation
Several years spent to achieve this feat
But in the  wake of a house ablaze
Calmness should arouse instead

Abundant petroleum and limestone we have
In our midst are exuberant scholars
Yet galore of challenges, injustice, rape
Corruption, fall, hatred and crime
Keep arising and counting high

Copious Religious centers we got
Countless sermons we’ve heard
But mindless we are of the right way
We never answered the call of our God
Horror and cruelty keep filling up the land

But no matter how devastated our land is
Always optimistic and hopeful we can
For peace is what Islam ushers in
To God’s path we must cling tightly
To our change mantra we must be mindful
For our dear country, Nigeria will be great!

Written by: Olanrewaju Abdul Qadir