By Abdulquadri Olanrewaju

A nation bound to reign
A country meant to flourish
Now in a state of regress, enchained by worries
Oppressed by leaders, scourged by followers.
Individuals inflict distress with their might,
As if a gloom fell over the land.

The legacies and dreams of our heroes are put to past,
Acquiring riches unrighteously is what we bear and find dear.
Our Nation is governed by leaders who deny citizens’ rights, devour people’s heritage
Our country is flocked with citizens who exacerbate her by all means, in all available instance.
We love not others the way we love ourselves
We turn ourselves to gods, fearful to others!
Self-centered we are, with oppressive behaviours
In this state, the call comes to decide for our nation, Nigeria!

For God changes not the state of a people until they change their ways,
We can’t decide to make a good nation with cruelty,
For the reward for badness is badness, even as goodness for goodness
To make a better Nigeria, we’d need to be better Nigerians
Enough of the hollow speeches for a change without positive changes
For a nation cannot be reformed without the reformation of the citizens

Now it’s time to experience our epiphany
It’s another chance to decide for a better Nigeria
Let’s not vote without changing for good ahead
Our nation needs us to be good, and our religions preach nothing but goodness
Our cultures embrace goodness, as our God commands virtues!
Have a rethink and repent
Together, we can make Nigeria great again!