Ninth Month Oculus Dairy – Day One


“Fasting is a shield with which a servant protects himself from the fire.“ ~ Ahmad, Saheeh

I have gotten some questions that I wouldn’t want to borne out. I want them living in me as thoughts, want them to be the grease that lubricate me.

It’s a privilege, to again be observing this year’s Ramadan, though the first day, not yet one self. But still it’s a privilege. I am in no way doubting the ni’imotallah on me, I hope you aren’t too.

As far as you are still a being, shouldn’t you garner your strength and energy to tap, if not all, half, quarter or less from the bountiful blessings of the month?

Of course, this month shields us from fire, it is a blessed month that shades us against indecency and manifest evils. Being prayerful, remembering Allah, reading His Book will be a channel for us to attain Jannah.

You have your choice to make. Use this month to rewrite a life-style. Pray, Allah shall make all the tasks therein easy for you and make you gain all the blessings in the blessed month – aamiin.

Written by: Oladejo Haneef


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