Ninth Month Oculus Diary – Day Eleven

Ninth Month Oculus Diary - Day Eleven
"If the pains of this world tire you, do not grieve. For it may be that Allah wishes to hear your voice by way of dua." ~Ibn al Qayyim

“If the pains of this world tire you, do not grieve. For it may be that Allah wishes to hear your voice by way of dua – Ibn al Qayyim

Allah has said He will test us by trials. He will by what we are used to-love ones, families etc. If He wishes He test a father by taking the soul of a darling wife and vice versa, He test the parents by taking the soul of the only child of the family, He test by causing you to starve with no hope to get fed. And some you see outside laughing but have something most time burning in them. Allah never sit with anyone and make promises, if any of all these should happen to man, we have still to be thankful. If it is so, if we so much do not grieve and still give thanks to Allah, the Angel at the affair of man will tell Allah when he is asked ‘what is the reaction of my servant when he encounters such trials’, the Angel will reply that ‘by Your knowledge the Almighty, He still give thanks to you’ and Allah will ask them to build such a ‘house of gratitude’, there in he shall be welcomed on the day of reckoning.

Though, I am very much aware that we are human and to grieve can never be ruled out. We have hearts but would not want it to break. We will not want to cause it sorrow or fail it, but Allah knows best what He has for everyone. Should you know this then you need no grievance when you are in pain. Allah loves you and wishes to hear your plea with that beautiful voice of Dua.

He at that point bestow His servants in that position in manifolds that which they request. But once you fail to remain steadfast in your prayers, you will probably miss this bounties. Be aware that it is you that will ask and He will give. He hasn’t promised you wealth on a deal or in a one on one discussion. You will only become lucky all the time to have His favours because He loves you and that you never relent in your prayers.

This is the eleventh day of Ramadan, then you shouldn’t become tired, you still have some days left. The sun shining can still dry your washed clothes. Just put them on the lines and see the water would have dried away. That is just you holding unto Allah, as He will surely answer you.

May Allah accept our prayers and acts of ibadah – aamin.

By: Haneef Oladejo


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