Ninth Month Oculus Diary – Day Sixteen

Ninth Month Oculus Diary - Day Sixteen
Pray more often. For every prostration that you perform Allah will raise your position by one degree

Pray more often. For every prostration that you perform Allah will raise your position by one degree – Hadith Muslim

In essence, we pray to Allah for upliftment; spiritually and physically, no wonder it is very essential for us to say our prayers often and often to gain this elevation from Allah. Allah has made some prayers obligatory for us to be said in designed periods, while some are made voluntarily to communicate with Allah in kin mood, they can be observed at ones chosen time.
There is no way we will pray without making prostrations, it is said that, that position is where a worshipper is becoming very closer to Allah. One is enjoined to even say his prayer in a language he understands and seek for Allah’s bounties and favours.
Prayer is the next pillar of Islam after having in mind that ‘there is no one worthy of worship except Allah’. A Muslim is indeed a Muslim if his prayer is consistent, accurate and timely. Prayer indeed is important as it will be the pass to one’s paradise. If on the day of judgement, prayer is not found in one’s deeds, such one fails himself even if he uses all his lifetime to do good deeds. One’s prayer is the very first to be checked on the day of judgement.

Prayer performs numerous functions in man, it washes away evil thoughts in man, it drives away hardship, discomfort, afflictions, weaknesses, helps one full of anxieties and fear. Soul will find comfort and solace when it prays sincerely. Whenever the Prophet (saw) was afflicted with hardship, he would say: “O’ Bilal! Give us comfort and call to prayer”. This definitely means that in Prayer lies comfort. And further will one be raised in status and degree before Allah.

Saying our prayers, the obligatory and voluntary ones earnestly, we will be left with the greatest of blessings: forgiveness of sins and increase in status with Allah. Prayer is to keep one away from everything bad and drive us closer to whatever is good and the best. I pray Allah grant us easiness in His worship-aamin.

By: Haneef Oladejo