Ninth Month Oculus Diary – Day Ten

Ninth Month Oculus Diary - Day Ten
Two armies that can never be defeated are the sincere heart and the righteous dua

“Two armies that can never be defeated are the sincere heart and the righteous dua”.
– Ibn Taymiyyah

I have a friend that will always feel strong at heart, if he missed a test, he won’t grieve. If he unintetionally fell victim of a strict and principled lecturer, he worries not, if he lost a thing he won’t be troubled, and he will always say “There won’t be any problem, God is above all”. And surely there will be no problem. He has that strong mind, he prays and that has won him many battles. He has been living like that since our friendship.

One thing first is you should have a heart, and be prayerful. The Holy Prophet (saw) says; “prayer is the sword of a believer”. We are so much informed of what swords can do? It wins territories for another country, causes superiority of a party over another, causes a man to rule the world – that if he knows how to thrust with the sword in his possession, to block the opponents’ attacks on him and eventually becomes the ‘bahubali’ of himself and of people’s mind. This is tantamount to having strong belief in the Almighty and never doubt prayers when said. Having firm belief that it has been accepted also help acceptance of prayers. Then you become the eyes of others with which they see. You guide them as God guides you, you talk to them as God wants you and live with them like a deity.

However, two things is stated in the quote that need to be noted. It reads sincere heart and righteous dua*. For one’s prayer to be a righteous one, you must free your heart from all forms of filths. You must have a loving, simple, tolerating and submissive heart. It must be nurtured to an extent that a single touch of filth won’t be found on it.

You have that opportunity now, and mind you, the ‘now’ falls in the month of Ramadan. Pray to Allah with your heart, feeling like it is nothing – that you are nothing, you are just you. Repent from the bad acts you are soiled in and live a new life of a righteous one. With this, your adversaries will only match behind you and will never have the chance to reach you, or the chance to strike you and bring you down – because you are sincere at heart and prayerful. I pray Allah wins for you what you desired – aamin.

By: Haneef Oladejo


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