Poem: International Peace Day


International Peace Day

I’ve clung so fondly to God’s path,
And sets forth the body and soul to shine effulgently,
And at serenity where life isn’t taxed and strained,
From a world that has grown old, cold and weary,
To a world that bestows me regained – breadth without a bill.

Rush of memories of a violent past,
Engulfed by sadness, my heart weeps,
Peaceful society overwhelmed, Tranquillity now vanished,
Mankind keep clamoring for peace,
A titanic hullabaloo yet to halt by none,
Lo, Islam ushers in an era of peace!

The lurking fragrance, stealthily soothing the heart,
Beckons from the shy flower plucked,
Soft, slender stalk of love and petal of peace,
Sizzle to heavenly tunes pouring through the Garden of Islam,
Nourished by peace and therein flourish the mighty oak tree.

The world is in chaos, without a full day of refreshing peace,
Nations now compete in their possession of ammunitions,
As if another World War beckons,
The means of the restoration of the world’s peace is here with us,
Islam- the religion of peace.


Written by:

  1. Oladejo Haneef O.
  2. Olanrewaju Abdul Qadir
  3. Apooyin Ridwanullah
  4. Abdussalam Rofeeq