prejudice hinder understanding
prejudice hinder understanding

“A verbal claim by a person that he has attained to salvation or that he has a strong relation with God the Almighty is quite easy (i.e. it is quite easy to make such a claim even though it may not be factual). But God knows quite well, how far a person has abandoned the things that must be abandoned.

“Of course, it is true that he who seeks, will find what he is seeking after. Those who are sincere in their struggle are granted success and they reach their destination. If somebody is partially for religion and partially for the worldly affairs, he will ultimately get away from the religion to which he previously adhered, and get himself engrossed in the worldly affairs.

“If a person seeks after the true religion with a divine sight, it will make it easy for him to decide about the controversies. But what the people do is that they want to stick to their own views (that is, they do not try to understand the point of view of the other side). If two persons have a dialogue, each of them wishes to uphold his views and to see that the other one is pulled down.

“Like an ant, the people are prejudiced, stubborn and defiant and they are not prepared to think over things with a cool heart. It is only in the power of God to make them understand and accept.

“I believe that the God whom I want to show to the people is hidden from their eyes and they are negligent of Him. He has manifested Himself to me: whoever has eyes that can see, let him see this manifestation.”

(Malfoozat Vol. II, p. 275)



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