Ritual Killings in The Race for Wealth


By: Abdulquadri Olanrewaju

The children we left untrained now turn bad eggs,
The Youths we left unguided, have chosen to be wrongly guided,
The few good, sincere and hardworking ones, we fail to encourage!
The ones obtaining riches with vices are whom we celebrate.
Morals debased, poverty afflicts, unhealthy pursuit of quick wealth emerges;
Virtues bartered for vices; vices cherished like virtues.
The rightly minded ones now influenced, demoralized and convinced to sway from the right.
All in the race of seeking Paradise on earth.

Teens whom ought to take virtuous individuals as models
Youths whose obligation is to strive and prepare to take the lead
Now resorting to frauds, crimes, and all sorts of odds.
Their souls, so engulfed with fleeting ornaments,
Their minds, so engrossed with the urge to own and rule
Taking risks at all cost, anyhow, anyway, anywhere.
Shedding bloods, performing rituals to make and sustain affluency,
All for nothing, but deceits polished as pleasures.

Hearken! Life like these only allures and embeds hidden sorrows.
A life of complete freedom in evil is a complete hellish of life.
Souls turn weakened and darkened, incapable of confronting difficulties and bearing limited pains,
Just to enjoy, exhaust and spend luxuriously for a while.
A short while that ends with scenes of tribulation, suicide, melancholies and fades away as thin smoke.
For a bad deed attracts the worst end!
Indeed, True joy only comes from righteousness!

O you righteous and innocent soul!
Fear your Lord and stay with the truthful
Shun bad peers, avoid the evil trends, be wary of baits
Envy not wealth and a life with no respect for God!
For whoever kills a soul has incurred the wrath of His Lord.
A life without trust in God, is a life denied of true bliss
And gardens of paradise. Paradises of both worlds.
Truly, to achieve both worlds in peace, righteousness is the key.

Sufficient is our Lord for His servants
He gladdens the hearts mindful of the rights
He leads to the path of joy in time of difficulties.
For the totality of dimensions necessary for the well-being of a soul are not possessed by anyone;
Not even a king; Not an emperor!
But in the hands of the Only One, the King of kings, who grants to whomsoever He wishes, lies all.
Lo! True joy is a provision from the Lord to His dear ones,
And never given to beings outside the light of obedience.