Staying Healthy as Muslims


Almighty Allah says in the Holy Qur’an chapter 4 verse 80 that:

“Whatever good comes to thee is from Allah and whatever of evil befalls thee is from thyself.”

As Muslims, we should be aware that living our lives according to the Holy Qur’an and Hadith/Sunnah of the Holy prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) is a fundamental principle of faith. By doing so, not only will we be elevating our spiritual status; in addition, we will also be making ourselves healthier.

Living our lives as good Muslims is enough as a means to good health. I will start this discussion from our diet/nutritional habits. There is a narration that during the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w), he was given 3 gifts by a king. These gifts include a teacher, doctor and a woman.

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w) returned the doctor saying “We do not require a doctor because we are a people that do not eat except we are hungry and we don’t eat anything excessively.”

A Muslim should not eat anything excessively. Excessive intake of food leads to overweight and obesity which predisposes an individual to non-communicable diseases and other ailments such as coronary artery diseases, diabetes, breathing disorder (sleep apnoea), osteoarthritis, cancers that affect vital body organs including the uterus, cervix, colon and oesophogus. When you are obese, your overall quality of life may be diminished; there may be social isolation, depression or even disabilities. If one fasts at least twice in a month, prays 5 times daily, do not drink alcohol or eat excessively; there will be less likelihood of becoming obese.

Physical activity

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said “A physically fit/agile Muslim is more precious than a lax one.”

He also advised all Muslims to teach their children swimming, archery and horse riding. He himself used to walk at a fast pace and even raced with his wife Aisha.

A believer must be physically fit, little exercises like brisk walk, even five daily prayers when performed at the prescribed interval with the prescribed movement to involve the muscle of the joint of the body daily is a way to keep fit. Walking to the mosque for our five daily prayers is a good means exercise.

Cleanliness is also of importance to stay healthy.

There is no religion that enjoins cleanliness as much as Islam, and this should prevent us from contracting and spreading communicable disease like diarrhea, typhoid.

Good habit as enjoined by Islam to ensure this include good hand washing  habit, especially after using the toilet, before and after eating, washing (cleaning up) after urination and defecation as well as good dental  hygiene.

As Muslims, we must also ensure that we are emotionally and psychologically healthy.

These include sleep, taking good care of our environment, living a positive life and staying away from sin. A mind which is not at peace will not be focused in prayer; will not be motivated to take care of its body or even do good.

Lastly it is essential that we seek early medical attention as this is the Holy prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)’s teaching, some religion adherent believes so much in faith healing and let their members die rather than go to the physician. Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was reported to have replied a follower who asked him if he can take medicine for any disease that “ o you servants of Allah take Medicine as Allah as not created a disease without a cure except for one, they asked which one he replied old age.


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