Teaching: A Change Agent

Students of Malik Academy raise their hands up to answer a queation during a class. Massachusetts, 2011

To the wards they teach and train
For the behaviors they nurture and polish
Developing minds of individuals with words and precepts
To the structure of social development they build
Indeed, they are teachers, mighty builders they are

I doff my hat in respect
To those who nurture me
With inspired acts and equanimity
For they sacrificed a lot
To touch souls with their pleasant nature

Good deeds, they enjoined
Like a rock they stood for what’s right and loathed evil
Disseminating knowledge with great passion
Shaping lives with peerless commitment
Weaving the tapestry of a bright future for the next younger generation

If the world still cherishes peace
If a bright future is still valued
To make our children prosperous and successful
Let’s not degrade the status of teachers
Indeed, teachers are always influential

For our model, Muhammad was sent as a teacher
Taught mankind Islam; a perfect way of life
Emboldened us to learn and teach
That which is good and beneficial
To attain inner and outer peace
Let teachers take the lead!

Written by: Olanrewaju Abdul Qadir