Terrorism: Islam Purged of False Blemish


By: Odusanya AbdulBāsit Olasunkanmi

A religion of peace is Islam.
Surrounding its followers with noble and magnificent teachings,
Aiming to establish peaceful coexistence between
Man and man,
Man and his Creator [Allah],
Man and the rest of Allah’s creation.
Islam is absolutely gorgeous, enjoyable and pleasant.

Terrorism – a real threat to life and property;
The deliberate commission of violent acts;
A form of psychological manipulation through warfare;
On purpose for political or religious gains.
With devilish aim to create
Disorder, unrest and public fear,
Discrimination, war and loss of life.

Extremely erroneous, associating Islam with terrorism.
An obvious ignorance, saying Islam advocates terrorism.
Hey! Islam is smarter, peaceful and benevolent.
Violence driven away by Love and Peace.
‘Al-Fitnatu ashaddu minal-qatl’ – ‘persecution, or making people
Constantly fear for their lives, is much worse than killing’,
Warns Allah; man should reflect and heed.

Islam stretches out its flowers of sweet nectar –
To be sucked and enjoyed with relish.
Prohibiting Muslims from terrorism,
Excellently molding its followers into moral beings worth emulating.
And loving humankind without distinction of color or race,
Of belief or religion,
Of status or rank.

Vividly detests error and falsehood.
Nay! Even hating the ignorant hearts align not with its brotherhood
A call for sincere prayer for the disrupters and evildoers,
For a change from aggressiveness to tenderheartedness.
A collective role of Muslims.
Beautifully, Islam possesses and renders kindness, sympathy and love,
As remedies to terrorism.