The Cause of Blessings
The Cause of Blessings

The Promised Messiah, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) says:

“There is no doubt about it that the prayers (five daily prayers) are the cause of blessings, but these blessings are not the lot of everybody. Only he whom God enables to pray is the one who prays. Otherwise, the prayer is nothing more than a shell in the hand of the one who prays and it has nothing to do with the kernel. Same is the case with the Kalimah. The person whom God enables to recite the Kalimah is really the person who recites it. Unless one gets to drink from the heavenly fountain, reciting the Kalimah and offering the prayers, these things cannot be of any avail.

“The prayer which produces sweetness and zeal, that strikes a communication with God and is offered in all humility brings about a change in the life of the man. And this change is instantaneously perceived by the one who prays like this. This change makes him realize that he is not what he was before.”
(Malfoozat vol. 6, p.378)

“Salat is very important and it is the apex of the spiritual exaltation of the true believer. Salat is the best medium of interacting with God in Prayer…Salat is nothing but presenting oneself before God Almighty, and it is a combination of praising God and an attempt at the expiation of one’s sins. One who does not keep these purposes in view, derives no benefit from Salat. Therefore, you must perform Salat in the best possible manner.

“When you are in the standing posture, your whole appearance must reflect the fact that you are standing before God in all humility. When you bow before Him in Salat, it must be a reflection of the bowing of your heart. When you fall prostrate, your manner must be that of a man who is inspired by fear of God. And pray a lot for your spiritual as well as material uplift.” (Al-Hakam, May 31, 1903)

Courtesy MKA-Nigeria (Tarbiyya Department)


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