The Glorious Month

The Glorious Month
The Glorious Month

And now the chances come
While offering covered the heaven
And prayers damaged the sun
cries that filled the heaven rains
Prayers hanged were released
sun dries not the leaves again
But rain shower gratefully on land

Blooming as the lightening breaks
As the heaven opens,
Devil chained,
Killing curbed,
Adultery curbed,
While the paradise opens wide
And to some,
Assured of restored faith
Assured of restored conscience
Assured of restored soul
Assured of permanence in some
But to some, just for the glorious month

Some doomed of life
As they witnessed the month
So shaytan inspired their thought
Attacked their minds,
Attached to them,
Attract them to fantasies
Accept their offerings
And gives them the world

Shame! Shame! Shame!
Worries upon worries,
War upon war,
Don’t they thought of paradise?
The permanent abode for human
Not serpent among humans,
But those,
That spent graciously to God,
Told no lies on earth,
Nor lie about God’s or Prophets,
Using the Qur’an as their references
And fast as it’s been ordained on man

Not those who fast to act
Read Qur’an to pretend,
Chant Qaseedah to show,
Cry to attract sympathy,
Gives to be seen,
Just for the month to end.
And some suspend for hours,
Resume in the night to taste,
Kicks against truth,
With their white garment at night.
Have you done justice to God
To deserve the reward of the month
And dine in paradise forever.

But with their attitude we know
We believe,
The way they deceive,
Waiting for a month in every year
To pretend as holy,
And the remaining months,
Act as a monster,
Who cleanse their sins in Ramadan
Instead to be among those,
Who became righteous forever
Because he witnessed Ramadan.

Written by Hafiz Adeleke Haamid


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