The Greatness of Teachers


All hail the masters
Who works relentlessly
To touch lives that change lives
Who invented the inventors
They give not only knowledge
But also an inspiration to live

A good teacher teaches
A normal teacher explains
But a great teacher inspires
with words of motivation
And their words stand
through the test of time

Your words are precious and priceless
a guiding lamp in darkness and wilderness
You turn our weakness to strength and steadiness
You build the nation
with your unconditional love and passion
You’ve always striven to set us in motion

Their inspiration creates an imprint
on our precious hearts
And their grandeur creates a footprint
which is known throughout the earth
And they sacrificed their time and life
for the student not to stray off the path

Who is he that is the best teacher?
It is he whose student excels
Both in knowledge and virtue
Teachers are indeed
an embodiment of knowledge
and a foundation of wisdom

Written by: Badmus Abdul’Azeez