By: Abdulquadri Olanrewaju

The moon and the sun have witnessed the divine sign of eclipse.
In a dark world conquering the world of light,
A world drifting away from God,
Entailed with much violence and vices.
Lo! Comes forth the light of truth, the light of guidance,
For the signs of the Creator have been manifested,
In benefit for the Divinely supported one

A model of extraordinary righteousness,
Lost in his light of God,
Saliently personalized with the profound love of the Holy Prophet
Enchanted with dust of the path trodden by the progeny and beauty of Muhammad.
He’s our sun, guiding us towards faith
He’s the full moon, showing the light of guidance

Like the unbound wind blowing in all directions, his guidance knows no boundary
Free flowing, far and fast spreading
O dwellers in faith, seekers of truth!
Let’s get together and become guided
Let’s get close and become one in his garden of delight and glad tidings
Forming a kith wrapped in the hue of his unhindered favors and boons

Hordes of people weep in remembrance of his beauties and bounties
And in acknowledgement of the prophecies fulfilled
Reflecting upon the divine blessings of Allah, bestowed on him
Pledging allegiance at his hands and fulfilling the oath.
Now that we dance willingly to his tune of truth, our hearts melt and turn mild
Our star is alit, roaming in virtues we are like a nomad, spinning in goodness
Sailing through the chaos of the world, safely and peacefully

He’s the second coming of Christ, son of Mary
The Hindus awaited Krishna,
The yet to come Messiah for the Jews
And the long-awaited Mahdi of Islam.
For the Reformer has appeared and ushered in the era of a Golden Age of mankind.
For the ultimate unification of religion and mankind.

Al-Mahdi, the vicegerent of Allah has appeared
The brilliance of God’s bounty has become manifested
And the way is opened for the person who can see his light.
Heed his words, hearken his calls
Even if it is to crawl over mountains of ice to meet him
Swear allegiance and choose his path
The path that rids one of all blurs, dirts, darkness and evils.
Wait no more, hasten and accept the truth!
For our spiritual dreams to be realized,
Repent, for one knows not how long one would live.