The Promised Messiah (as) says:

“If you wish to find Allah the Almighty, seek Him near the hearts of the meek. This is the reason Prophets of God adopted meekness. Similarly, it is required that people of bigger nations do not deride smaller nations; none should say their ancestry is higher. Allah the Almighty states that when you come before Me I shall not enquire of you about your nation; rather, the question would be, what are your deeds? Likewise, the Prophet (sa) of God said to his daughter that ‘O Fatimah, Allah the Almighty shall not enquire into one’s lineage. If you commit a wrong Allah the Almighty shall not condone you because you are the daughter of the Prophet. Thus, you should watch what you do at all times.

(Malfuzat, new edition, vol. 3, p. 370)

“It was an essential requirement for ahl-e-taqwa (righteous people) that they spend their life in poverty and meekness. This is a branch of taqwa by which we are to ward off the unjustified anger. The last and most crucial stage for great pious and honest people is indeed to shun anger. Haughtiness and conceit are borne out of anger, and similarly, anger is at times a consequence of haughtiness and conceit. Anger is aroused only when man gives preference to one’s nafs (self) over the other.

(Report Jalsah Salanah, 1897, p.  49)

“If you wish that God in heaven is pleased with you, then be as if you are two brothers from one womb. The more esteemed among you is one who forgives the sins of his brother, and wretched is one who is obstinate and does not forgive. Such a person is not from me.

Courtesy of MKA-Nigeria (Tarbiyya Department)