What is Hypocrisy?
What is Hypocrisy?

“You should remember that the hypocrite is not only that person who does not keep his word or talks of sincerity but has disbelief in his heart, even that person is a hypocrite who has a dual nature, though he may have no control over it. The Companions of the Holy Prophet, may God be pleased with all of them, feared this thing very much. Once Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (ra) was found crying. Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra), asked what the matter was. Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (ra) said that he could find some signs of hypocrisy in himself. “When I am in the company of the Holy Prophet (saw), my heart is very soft and kind and I find that its condition is very much different but when I go away from him, the condition changes” said Abu Hurairah. Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra) said, “The same thing happens to me also.”

“Then the two of them went to the Holy Prophet (saw), and related to him what they had been talking about. The Holy Prophet (saw) said, “You are not hypocrites. Both these conditions have to happen quite naturally. If your condition stays the same as it is when you are with me, the angels would come and shake hands with you. Behold how the Companions of the Holy Prophet (saw) feared hypocrisy and dual nature!

“When a man talks with great boldness, he becomes a hypocrite. If somebody hears other talk in a way that they hurl insults on religion, and he does not leave that company, he is a hypocrite. If one is not jealous of the honour of religion as a believer should be, and he does not show steadfastness, he is hypocrite.

“Unless a man remembers God all the time, he would not be free from hypocrisy – and you can achieve this state of mind through prayers alone. You should always pray to God that He may save you from it. He who gets himself initiated into this community and yet continues in his dual nature, keeps himself away from the community.”

(Malfoozat vol. 8, pg. 174)

Courtesy: MKAN-Tarbiyya Department


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