Who are Abdaal?
Who are Abdaal?

“You should know that as a man goes on bringing about a change in his life, he moves into the category of Abdaal. The secrets of the significance of the Holy Quran are not revealed to any one unless he joins the category of Abdaal.

“The generality of the people have misunderstood the meaning of the word Abdaal and they have given it various interpretation. Whereas the fact is that Abdaal are the people who bring about a pious change in their lives, the change which removes the darkness of the sin and clears off the rust.

“The kingdom of the Satan is demolished and their heart becomes the seat of God the Almighty. Thereafter, they become the recipients of power from the Holy Spirit and they are vouchsafed the Grace of God.

“I give you the good news that whoever from among you brings about a pious change in their lives, will become Abdaal. If a man moves towards God, God’s grace comes forward to hold his hand. It is quite true and I should like to impress it upon you that no amount of cleverness can make a man know the secrets of the Holy Quran. It is not enough to have a sharp brain, to attract the knowledge of the Holy Quran. The real source of this knowledge is Taqwa.

“God Himself is the Teacher of the Muttaqi. That is why the Prophets are mostly unlettered. And that also is the reason why the Holy Prophet has been called Ummi (unlettered).”

[Malfoozat Vol. 1, p. 408]

Courtesy: MKAN-Tarbiyya Department


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