World Food Day – The Global Banquet


Habeebllah Onifade

On World Food Day, let’s take a pause,
To celebrate the culinary wonders without a cause,
From farm to table, the journey unfolds,
Food brings us together under the same clouds.

In every culture, on every land,
Food is a gift, both humble and grand,
The art of cooking, a timeless tradition,
A shared love, a global mission.

It’s more than a meal; it’s every man’s vital thread,
That weaves through lives, in every spread,
On this World Food Day, let’s pave the way,
For a future where no one goes without food each day.

From grains of rice to the fruits so sweet,
Food nourishes us, it’s a true heartbeat,
Let’s cherish the harvest, the bounty we share,
On this World Food Day, let’s show we care.

The Quran encourages us to share our food,
Wealth and provisions with those in need,
With love and care to the orphan and others indeed,
This act of charity and kindness is highly rewarding and praised.

Let’s express gratitude to God, the maker of the makers,
Also honour the farmers, the chefs, the bakers,
The ones who create, the earth’s caretakers,
And care for our neighbours, for we are all partakers.