Worldliness and Materialism: Guiding the Younger Generation


By: Abdulquadri Olanrewaju

When our homes were full of morals,
And our societies cherished and embraced virtues.
When parents nurtured wards with lessons of contentment and diligence,
And leaders rewarded hardwork and fed follower’s needs and rights.
Moral-centric and good-minded humans were raised
Tranquility and safety flourished and reigned.
Just in a twinkling, the good time fell apart
And, lo! The society is bedeviled and left rife
With wilt of morality, breach of peace, and whirlpool of insecurity!

Our Nation is governed by wrong leadership,
Denying citizens’ right, devouring people’s heritage.
A community once cheery, now dreary.
Mothers pamper their wards with extreme kindness
Fathers storm children with all available, affordable and valuable.
Ceasing hardship is what we bear,
And providing luxuries we find dear
Weakening offspring’s minds, defacing controlled environment
Are what our actions sequenced.

Time flies, resources wink out, treasures wind up
Poverty afflicts, trend of antisocial acts emerges
Crimes become dear, urge for materialism thrives
Children who were trained not to endure but only enjoy
Incapable of bearing hardship, only to dwell in pleasure
Now resort to odds and risks to make and sustain affluence
Debasing the society, demoralizing the good eggs.

Till we cease social injustice and train our blue-eyed wards well
And raise our children with labor, not just with comfort,
For every success has a story of struggle.
Till we create a restrained society,
Influencing goodness and rewarding excellence
And nurture our kids with traits of morality and integrity
And prepare them for challenges;
To live moderately and fit to climb stairs with difficulties.
Only then we’ll have our desired peace and security.
For the tree strives for air and light to shine!
Then live long with its height and might.