His Oneness


The moon that’s up this time has attracted us to His Oneness.
It is undeniable that every soul yearns to His Oneness.

This holy month brings with it a lot of Rahma.
As a result, every soul aligns to His Oneness.

The Man’s heart is drawn to steadfastness
And demonstrates its actual essence of all kinds to His Oneness

Every individual is encircled by the spirit of brotherhood.
As a result, humanity dines to His Oneness

The thirty-day span we had waited for…
Here we are, every soul shines to His Oneness.

Wave at the sky, look at the stars, and gaze at the moon.
And see each with mercy, as it benigns to His Oneness.

My Rabb is merciful and benevolent;
in His home of tranquillity, every soul links to His Oneness.

Man’s heart is reformed from sins and vile behaviors,
it seeks sanctuary from Satan and shines to His Oneness.

Lã-ilãha illãllah, Muhammadu rasulullãh…
I am ravished by this love, as my soul enjoins to His Oneness.

 ©Harnyfman Asishana